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Fresh & Modern Photography

We believe that a great portrait has the power to take your breath away, make you laugh with delight, and move you to tears. Our style is capturing real moments that tell a story, while showcasing the wonder, joy and excitement of childhood. Most of all, we love to present those precious memories as stunning works of art that your family will cherish forever.

Newborn Photography

If you have a newborn baby or are expecting one soon, one of the best ways to preserve those fond memories that seem to slip away so fast is by having professional newborn photography of  your beautiful baby. These memories are truly priceless, and will be treasured for a lifetime as precious works of art.

Newborn photos are best done in the first 10 days, while babies are sleeping deeply and curling up naturally into those adorable womblike poses. Older babies often squirm and become fussy making it very difficult to capture the moment. Babies that are a few months old rarely hold still and often squirm and as they grow older.  They begin to move and try to get away and cry – often making the photography session very stressful and frustrating. Not to mention, colic and baby acne can flare up around this time. However, with a newborn, you rarely get that lack of cooperation because newborns sleep ninety percent of the time.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photos capture the beauty and intense emotion of this special time. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and these invaluable memories.

This session is generally scheduled around 32 – 38 weeks.

Whether you are having timeless family heirlooms created, or you are wanting something done of a more private nature, a maternity photographer will give you photos that you’ll love.The true beauty that shows through is beyond description. You actually have to see for yourself, and even then it is hard to believe. Even if you had no intention of sharing your maternity photography, you will want these classic beauties to be seen, at least by close friends and relatives.

Includes 1.5 hours in studio or on location.
Image files are fully and individually retouched, high resolution jpgs
and come with full reproduction copyright ownership.
All images come on a usb and with a beautiful usb box.
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Includes 3 hours in studio includes props (for Newborns).
4 newborn sets
1 parent with newborn set
100 Images on Website Gallery - FREE to download
5 Retouched photos of your choice provided on a USB
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